Opinion: Time for all employees to have sick time, especially food-service workers!


Sick workers tied to 40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks, CDC says

May 31, 2023: “Food workers who showed up while sick or contagious were linked to about 40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks with a known cause between 2017 and 2019, federal health officials said Tuesday.”

“About 44% of managers told the CDC their restaurants provided paid sick leave to workers. That’s a problem, according to Mitzi Baum, the chief executive of STOP Foodborne Illness, a nonprofit advocacy group.”

“She said it means workers are forced to choose between earning money or showing up sick — or there’s social pressure not to leave fellow employees short-staffed.”

If all employees had sick leave, they would not feel pressure to go to work sick and spread illness to other workers and to customers. The United States needs to catch up with other industrialized countries.


“It’s widely known that the US has a significantly different stance when it comes to employment benefits, to many other countries. Not only relating to sickness, but also vacation and parental leave benefits are also considerably lacking in comparison to other countries.”

Should Pieper Lewis be Pardoned?

September 14, 2022: Pieper Lewis sentenced for killing her alleged rapist when she was 15 years old:


November 9, 2022: Pieper Lewis escaped, caught:

Pieper Lewis: Iowa teen who killed her alleged rapist and escaped from a residential corrections facility is back in custody | CNN

May 24, 2023: Pieper seeks pardon from governor:

Facing possible prison sentence, Pieper Lewis seeks pardon from Gov. Kim Reynolds (yahoo.com)

May 31, 2023: Pieper placed back on probation!


A Polk County District judge has again spared Pieper Lewis from prison. Lewis, 18, a sex trafficking victim from Des Moines who was 15 when she killed her alleged rapist, faced up to 21 years in prison for violating the probation she was on after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and willful injury in that case.”

I cannot blame Pieper for ending the life of her alleged rapist, Zachary Brooks. She probably did society a service by wiping him off the earth. But Brooks also had the right to a trial with the presumption of innocence. He will never get that now. If he did what he’s alleged to have done good riddance to him, but do we ever dare let people decide to kill someone because we “know” they’re guilty?

Her original sentence was five years’ probation and a $150,000 restitution to Brooks’ family. No jail time. While not exactly a “sweetheart deal,” it’s about as close as she could expect. And for Pieper Lewis to escape prison again is incredible. Don’t blow this chance, Pieper!

Trump Bucks are worthless!

““Now I realize, well, that was stupid,’ an Alabama woman said, adding she bought the items ‘because I believed President Trump, because he knows all about finance, and he was going to help the real Trump patriots get rich.’”

In another article, “Several companies are allegedly using advertising tactics including creating AI-generated videos of Trump and other figures like Elon Musk to claim the worthless ‘Trump Bucks’ will make them rich, according to a new report from NBC News.”

“Several companies have been identified for marketing and selling the false currency, NBC News reported, including a number of businesses seemingly based in Colorado with names like Patriots Dynasty, Patriots Future, and USA Patriots.”


Do not be deceived! Trump Bucks are not United States legal tender. You cannot buy anything with them or exchange them at any bank! There is nothing patriotic about the con artists who sell them!

Why, Fox, why? Alleged hostility at Fox News

Fox News’ former head of booking, Abby Grossberg, filed a suit in March 2023 claiming the company fostered a hostile work environment.


“She was fired by Fox News [in March 2023] after filing suit against the company, claiming she was bullied and subjected to sexist and antisemitic comments while working on Carlson’s show.”

“According to Grossberg, she arrived at the office to see ‘many large and blown-up photographs of Nancy Pelosi in a plunging bathing suit revealing her cleavage.’”

“Grossberg claimed she overheard male executives make sexist and belittling comments about [Maria] Bartiromo. (Among the terms allegedly used to describe the veteran financial news anchor: ‘crazy,’ ‘menopausal,’ ‘hysterical’ and a ‘diva.’)”

“Moreover, staff members ‘frequently engaged in group discussion … in which misogynistic views of women as objects to be judged solely based on their appearance were broadcasted,’ the suit alleges.”

Are Grossberg’s allegations true? I have no way of knowing. But if they are, I am amazed that Fox would allow such behavior. I question the profitability, let alone the morality, of permitting a toxic workplace. The purpose of a for-profit company is making money, and that ability is impaired if employees are in a constant state of apprehension or discomfort due to sexual innuendo and remarks. And Fox’s stock price has gone down since March (though whether that is due to the lawsuit is not certain). If I were an investor, I wouldn’t buy Fox. Their management does not have their eye on the goal.

Britney Griner returns to the WNBA after ten months in Russian prison! Stands for the National Anthem this time!

Was it a mistake to swap her for a Russian arms dealer? I think so!

Brittney Griner Returns To The WNBA After Detention In Russia—Here’s What To Know (msn.com)

WNBA star Britney Griner was detained in Russia February 17, 2022, accused of having vape cartridges containing hashish oil, which is illegal in the country, tried, and sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison. After a ten-month detention, she was swapped for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Timeline of Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia as US secures her release – ABC News (go.com)

Britney agrees to stand for the National Anthem this time.

Why Brittney Griner Will Stand for the National Anthem | Time

I am a big believer in the right of free speech. But I would never give up on America’s Great Experiment, or say it is a failure. The United States is an experiment in the ability of people to govern themselves, and it works, if people get involved and especially if they vote. Britney’s offense would have earned a citation / fine in the United States, but a nine-year sentence in Russia! She blundered into a political situation and made herself a pawn of Vladimir Putin. It took high-level negotiations and a distasteful prisoner swap to set her free. America looks pretty good after months in a Russian prison! Remember that the USA is better than most other countries. Frankly, I would have left her in prison. Because of her naivete and arrogance, a Russian terrorist is free. Advice to Britney Griner: never go to Russia again.

Georgia DA to likely announce Trump indictment decision in August


August 2023 will be a time of reckoning in the United States — but potentially a time of great danger!

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis may act to hold former President Donald Trump responsible for his alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot!

From the article, “Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told staff to work remotely from July 31 to Aug. 18 and has requested judges in a downtown Atlanta courthouse to not schedule trials between Aug. 7 and 14….”

“…Trump, 76, and some members of his 2020 election team could face indictments for conspiracy to commit election fraud or charges related to racketeering in plotting to undermine the 2020 presidential-race results.”

“…Willis, 52, told Atlanta-based law-enforcement agencies in a letter last month to prepare for ‘significant public reaction’ to a potential charging decision between July 11 and Sept. 1.”

The district attorney is preparing for possible violent actions by MAGA extremists in response if an indictment is handed down against Trump! Will the former President’s minions lash out against the prosecutor’s office in Atlanta? I hope and pray not — but the city must be prepared.

I applaud these brave prosecutors and employees for holding alleged criminals accountable, no matter their party or political persuasion! Of course, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Go Fani!

Who wrote this speech? A Democrat, a Republican, or AI?

Hello, fellow citizens. I stand before you today as a candidate for public office, and I want to share my vision for our community.

I believe that we can create a brighter future for ourselves and our children by working together. We must invest in education, healthcare, and infrastructure to ensure that our community thrives.

I also believe in equality for all, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. We must work to eliminate discrimination and create opportunities for everyone.

As your representative, I promise to listen to your concerns and work tirelessly to address them. I will be a champion for our community, fighting for our interests and working to make our voices heard.

We can build a better tomorrow, but it will take all of us working together. So I ask for your support, your vote, and your partnership as we work to create a brighter future for our community. Thank you.

Current events: California Senator Dianne Feinstein: senile!

Senator Feinstein should have resigned long ago! Now, her health has reached the point that she no longer has control of her faculties and forgets where she is. She should have “gone out on top” when she still had her right mind. Now it’s too late! Her desire to hang onto power too long meant that the people of California were deprived of representation for years. Unelected staffers made policy decisions in her place! And Feinstein was third in line of succession to the Presidency (although she gave that up voluntarily, see article). Those staffers should have put their country ahead of their jobs and suggested that legal proceedings begin to gently remove the Senator from her seat. She could have lived in comfortable retirement. Now, her final legacy will be one of shame.

“Multiple sources tell Rolling Stone that in recent years Feinstein’s office had an on-call system — unbeknownst to Feinstein herself — to prevent the senator from ever walking around the Capitol on her own. At any given moment there was a staff member ready to jump up and stroll alongside the senator if she left her office, worried about what she’d say to reporters if left unsupervised. The system has been in place for years.”


Current events: George Santos indictment!

How could serial liar George Santos be elected to Congress? In November 2022, George Anthony Devolder Santos was elected to New York’s 3rd congressional district. As early as December 2022, allegations were raised that Santos had told numerous lies about his personal and professional life. See link below. But in May 2023, he was indicted on thirteen federal charges including wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and making false statements to Congress. See link below.

But how could such a prolific liar as George Santos be elected to the United States Congress? In an article posted in The Atlantic, the man who once held that congressional seat gives three reasons: Democratic complacency, Republican extremism, and media decline.


If you ask me, apathy was the worst. The voters and Democratic leaders of NY3 assumed Santos had no shot at being elected. But guess what, he won! (Much like no one expected Donald Trump to win the White House in 2016.)

My advice: Stay informed. Stay connected to what is going on with your elected officials. Don’t be lulled into the belief that “it can’t happen here”. Get registered and vote!

George Santos’ Lies:


George Santos: Federal Charges:


Current events: The E. Jean Carroll Case

Had I been a juror on E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against Donald Trump, I am not sure I would have voted to find him liable.

Carroll could not specify the year of the alleged assault. She had no physical evidence. She had no witnesses to the incident, only two friends she told after the fact. It is frankly suspicious that she waited until now, when Trump is running for a second term as President, that she stepped forward to bring the suit.

Also suspicious is her 2019 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which she stated that most people find rape “sexy”! (See link below.) Is Donald Trump capable of sexual assault and defamation of character? Without question! Has he behaved in a similar manner in the past? Yes. Did he do so to E. Jean Carroll? Probably. But “knowing” what happened is not the same as proving it in court. The jury took only three hours to find him liable, which tells me that they pretty much had their minds made up before they started to deliberate.

I am not alleging that the jury failed to act in good faith, nor am I alleging that Ms. Carroll lied. But I do believe the prosecution failed to prove its case based on a preponderance of evidence.