August 8, 2022: Mar a Lago the subject of FBI search warrant!

The former President attacked the FBI for their actions, but they had a search warrant. This is a pivotal moment for the country: Will America be governed by the Constitution or the whims of one man? Trump plays victim in order to rouse his base, perhaps as a prelude to a run for the Presidency in 2024. And his minions follow him without question!

“Sources said Monday was not the first time that federal agents visited Trump’s Florida home. In the spring, according to these sources, a small team of agents went to Mar-a-Lago inquiring about the documents he took with him. The agents went through and reviewed some documents with Trump’s attorneys present; Trump himself was also present.”

What is Trump worried about now? What does he have to hide that he wasn’t worried about in the spring? He claims the raid was politically motivated (everything in Washington has a backdrop of politics) but the Bureau was able to convince a judge they had enough evidence to justify a search for criminal activity!

Four Muslim men killed recently in New Mexico: Hate Crimes?

Hate has no place in American life! Stop the madness!

“August 7, 2022 (NPR): ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police say the killing of a Muslim man on Friday night in Albuquerque may be linked to the ambush shooting deaths of three Muslim men over the past nine months in New Mexico’s biggest city.

“Earlier this week, police confirmed that local detectives and federal law enforcement officers were looking for possible ties among the separate crimes. Two of the men — Muhammed Afzaal Hussain, 27, and Aftab Hussein, 41 — were killed in the past week, and both were from Pakistan and members of the same mosque. The third case involves the November killing of Mohammad Ahmadi, 62, a Muslim man of South Asian descent.”

Sports Illustrated: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers credits psychedelics as the key to his success

“Aaron Rodgers opened up about his journey to self-love and how ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea containing the hallucinogenic drug DMT, helped him reach the point he’s at now.”

“Ever since the 38-year-old admitted he was unvaccinated for COVID-19 back in November, Rodgers has been open about using more natural remedies for illness and now for mental health purposes.”

Well, if you want to love something greater than yourself, try the love of learning and the search for knowledge! Try establishing a fund to leave a legacy for future generations. The sad thing is that millions of people are influenced by Rodgers’ words.

The PROTECT Infrastructure Bill 2022: Bipartisan bill focuses on highway and transit projects, 2022 – 2026

“Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Transportation (PROTECT) Formula Program funding is available to states over five years to make transportation infrastructure more resilient to future weather events and other natural disasters by focusing on resilience planning, making resilience improvements to existing transportation assets and evacuation routes, and addressing at-risk highway infrastructure.

“In general, eligible projects include highway and transit projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and port facilities including those that help improve evacuations or disaster relief. States are encouraged to work with regional and local partner organizations to prioritize transportation and emergency response improvements, as well as address vulnerabilities.”

Read the article in the link below:

How much will your state receive? Click the link below:

A well-maintained infrastructure is vital to America’s future!

Beware of catty remarks

Hurtful comments can damage your mind and spirit — when heard by you or said by you! When you hear someone backstabbing you, take the remarks with a grain of salt. When someone stands in judgment of another, remember there are two sides to every story and the other person deserves to be heard before condemning them. Check yourself when you are tempted to judge others or engage in backbiting; recall your own imperfections and our shared humanity!

Antisemitic flyers distributed in Nassau County, New York

Stop the madness! Remember: live and let live, bear and forbear, give and forgive.

“The flyers are in bags, weighed down with rice or beans, claiming free speech to say President Joe Biden’s administration is controlled by Jewish mystics.”

“Police believe the source is an antisemitic internet trolling network trying to alarm and entice.”

“‘We have to reach out and embrace one another,’ said Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum of the North American Board of Rabbis. ‘There is a culture in this country of pushing each other away.'”

(The Hill, July 24, 2022): “The Electoral Count Act, unveiled by a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday, intends to reform the Electoral Count Act of 1887 by making sure that the sitting vice president doesn’t have the power to overturn a presidential election and make it harder for lawmakers to object the Electoral College vote.”

An interesting piece of legislation working its way through the Senate.