Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

For years people knew it was coming.
The ancients feared it
they needn’t have worried.
It’s just the moon in front of the sun.
Today, people wait with eager anticipation…..
Now it begins!
Slowly but surely
The black disc eats up the sun!
Some people may scream
Some may pray
Some may declare it the start of the apocalypse.
They can’t stop it.
The Cosmos was wound up to run according to its own nature
Without reference or deference to Man.
a few minutes later
Peeking out of the edge
A spark of light!
As if the Sun says,

“The moon can’t defeat me.
“Neither can you who watch.
“I was here before mankind
“And will be here long after.”

The moon moves on and so do the observers.
Scientists will study,
People applaud this wonder of nature
Then turn away to go back to their lives.
It changed them:
Some will ask “why” more often.
Some will say “wow” more often
And be more aware of humans’ humble place in the scheme of things.
Maybe it was more than just
The moon in front of the sun.




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