Bill Cosby conviction overturned: PA Supreme Court

I think Cosby did allegedly commit at least some of the sexual assaults asserted by his accusers. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, and his conviction in the Andrea Constand case was thrown out today, June 30, 2021, so he is not guilty in the eyes of the law. The former prosecutor made a mistake in offering Cosby immunity in the criminal case in exchange for allowing Constand’s civil case to go forward, for which she was awarded $3.38 million! With that deal in place, the current prosecutor could not legally try Bill Cosby for the assault. That is why the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated the conviction. It does not mean he is innocent. But had the conviction been allowed to stand, district attorneys would have been able to offer suspects immunity, knowing they could withdraw the immunity and prosecute!

“The judges said there had been a ‘process violation’ by the prosecution, but admitted their ruling was unusual.”

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