Des Moines may be forced to drill wells to find clean water

“Timothy LaPara, an engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, said nearly every city faces some complication in ensuring safe drinking water, but Des Moines’ problem requires an unusual solution. “‘Nitrate doesn’t usually get to the levels you see in the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers,’ he said. ‘Central Iowa has some of the worst water quality you’ll find.'”

Without adequate regulation, the Des Moines, Iowa, area faces the threat of contaminated water! It’s a question of “pay me now or pay me later”. Granted it is not an easy decision for the farmers upstream, because water filtering doesn’t add to the bottom line for them. But either the Iowa Legislature passes laws regulating water quality on farmland and requiring ways to filter out contaminants, or the city and surrounding areas will face a crisis that forces Des Moines to enact drastic laws that cost even more.

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