Robert E. Lee Statue Removed, Charlottesville Virginia

“CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Cheers erupted Saturday as a Confederate statue that towered for nearly a century over downtown Charlottesville was carted away by truck from the Virginia city where it had become a flashpoint for racist protests and deadly violence.” “…it was important to understand the statue was erected not directly after the Civil War but during the Jim Crow era when Black Americans’ rights were being stripped away.”

I hope the statue of Robert E. Lee is put in a museum and used as a teaching tool for future generations. I am not a student of history but I understand Lee was a great military strategist and general. But in the end he fought trying to defend the indefensible: slavery. After the Civil War he accepted defeat and supported reconciliation between North and South. Let his final legacy be that of being on the right side of history and greater rights for all people.

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