San Francisco man loses half his savings in bank transfer scam!

My personal advice: Screen all your phone calls. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t call back. If they leave a message claiming that your bank account or credit card account is being hacked, contact the bank or credit card company directly. Do not give your account number or other personal information out to anonymous or mystery callers. If you receive emails making the same claims, do not click on any link in the email or hit the Reply button.

From KGO-TV San Francisco:

“David Barnett thought it was a real Bank of America employee calling to warn him. ‘The Bank of America identification came up on my phone,’ he explained. Someone was hacking into his account at that very moment.

“The man told him the best way to safeguard his money was to move it temporarily to another bank. ‘He walked me through the process, which I thought was very nice. He sounded like he knew what he was doing. And he did,’ said Barnett.

“As soon as the app whisked his money away, the awful realization sank in. He’d been duped.

“However, within days, Barnett got a call from Bank of America, and a letter granting him a full refund. ‘I was pretty amazed. I got my money back and I’m very grateful for that,’ he said. Bank of America did not disclose whether it was able to retrieve the money or catch the imposter at the other end. Remember, scammers can use a phony caller ID, as they did in Barnett’s case. A bank would never call and ask you to move money like that. If it happens to you, hang up and call your bank directly.”

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