Anti-mask Florida GOP bookkeeper dies of COVID — leaving party without access to software!

“After spending months railing against COVID-19 precautions and criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci, a Republican Party official in Florida passed away this week — leaving his county-level GOP organization without access to critical financial accounts.”

“Gregg Prentice, 61, served as accountant for the Hillsborough County GOP and also chaired the organization’s committee for election integrity.”

“A software engineer by trade, Tampa Bay’s local Patch outlet reported that he built and maintained the local Republican party’s campaign finance software last year and was responsible for filing its monthly reports to the Federal Elections Commission.”

“…Prentice died [September 11, 2021] without sharing login information for these accounts, or any sort of instructions for how to use them.”

This story hits home for me. I am a programmer – analyst. Any developer or software engineer knows the importance of cross-training someone in case he becomes incapacitated, leaves the company, or dies. It’s essential to have documentation of computer programs and processes, for the same reasons. Now the Hillsborough County GOP is left scrambling, and it’s their own damn fault! Read the Salon article below.

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