Good deed

I was experiencing a typically stressful day at work. I’ve been working from home since March 2020, and I like it. Nice to be able to get up, get ready, and sign on for the day with no commute. No timetable for us to return to the office, with the Delta variant of COVID spreading worldwide. No real need, since any issue can be handled via Zoom or email. With an increased workload we software developers have grown busier and stretched thinner. Many of us are juggling multiple projects, bugs, and questions, all day every day!

Early afternoon, I received an IM from a longtime friend / acquaintance. He’s a few years younger, fallen on hard times, no vehicle, unable to walk far, generally poor health. He asked for a ride to the local pantry to pick up some foodstuffs to tide him over the next few days.

At first I didn’t respond to his request, since I was involved fielding emails and changing/running/reviewing programs. After a bit, when the pace of work slowed (when my brain was on overload and I could no longer think another work-related thought!) I replied, saying I’d pick him up in a few minutes. It was a beautiful day, sunny, calm, no wind, only a few fluffy clouds in the sky. I drove the 15 minutes to my friend’s apartment, another little way to the food pantry, then back again. It didn’t take him long. He chose some bread and strawberries, since that was what they had the most to offer. He had more varied foods at home, so that isn’t all he will be eating! It was good to see him again. I benefitted too: we chatted about our lives and good times long past. It took my mind off the maddening pace of work and let me enjoy a gorgeous day.

There is more to life than employment or earning a living. There are sunny days, good food, charitable acts, and grateful friends. May you have each in your life!

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