“Ex-Nazi concentration camp guard, aged 100, tells German court he is ‘innocent'” (France 24)


“‘I am innocent’, said Josef Schuetz, who stands accused of ‘knowingly and willingly’ assisting in the murder of 3,518 prisoners at the Sachsenhausen camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, between 1942 and 1945. The Sachsenhausen camp detained more than 200,000 people between 1936 and 1945, including Jews, Roma, regime opponents and gay people.
Tens of thousands of inmates died from forced labour, murder, medical experiments, hunger or disease before the camp was liberated by Soviet troops, according to the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum.”

I would like to know why these suspects were allowed to remain free for so long? They have enjoyed decades of freedom, only to finally be brought to justice in their twilight years. Why weren’t they prosecuted right after the end of World War II?

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