Restaurants prep for long-term labor crunch by turning to robots (CNBC) October 22, 2021

“The bots, known as Flippy 1 and 2, have been in development for nearly five years, taking on pilots at brands like CaliBurger and White Castle. The wings iteration is being tested at Inspire’s Buffalo Wild Wings brand as a way to ramp up production and speed. The hope is to scale up its usage in 2022 and beyond.”

“But the labor shortage is unavoidable. The National Restaurant Association recently reported that four in five operators are understaffed. This includes 81% of full-service operators and 75% of limited-service operators. Robotics can help ease the staffing challenges and speed up operations.”

“A recent report from EMSI called the “Demographic Drought,” noted that while automation can help alleviate labor pains, it faces two challenges. First, robots can’t fully replace people. And second, the current labor shortage isn’t going anywhere, and workers will be needed to actually build robots and other automated technology solutions.”

Would you like your meals prepared and cooked by a robot? Looks like that is in the future for everyone!

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