Amir Locke shooting, Minneapolis

“In the days that have followed, it has emerged that Locke was not the subject of the search warrant served on the apartment; that he was the legal owner of the handgun he had in his possession and had no criminal record; and that despite claims by interim MPD chief Amelia Huffman and the MPD press office that Locke was pointing the gun towards an officer, the bodycam shows this was not the case.”

The police should be required to know that the suspect they are seeking is at the residence before executing a search warrant. If he or she is not there, stake out the place until the suspect arrives. Amir Locke was allegedly shot for no other reasons than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being a black man in possession of a gun! And what happened to the Second Amendment? What about the right to bear arms? Or does that apply only to whites? Locke died because of the MPD’s flawed assumptions and a “shoot first ask questions later” attitude!

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