Reclaim America? Patriot Front’s Brazen Bigotry in Boston

“BOSTON, July 3, 2022 —Dozens of people appearing to be part of Patriot Front, a designated hate group, gathered in Boston and marched through popular parts of the city. The group was seen marching along the Freedom Trail on Saturday, concealing their faces while wearing shirts that read: ‘Reclaim America.’ People in that group were also carrying shields and flags.”

“‘I think that type of incident should be fully investigated,’ said Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn. ‘Also, civil rights violations should be included in that, as well. This group is clearly trying to provoke a reaction from residents and trying to hurt and divide this city.'”

I’m an old white man but America does not belong just to us! The country belongs to all citizens! Reclaim America from narrow minded thinking!

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