Keep your eyes on goals not glitter. There have been times…

…I have seen an item on a television ad or the Internet and thought, “I need that. I want it.” The desire for that product overtook me, and I became obsessed. I felt like I had to have it, searched the internet, and drove from store to store searching for it.

If I couldn’t find it, I felt disappointed and anxious.

But I went on with my life.

A few weeks or months passed, and I forgot about it. One day, it came to mind again, and I realized I survived without it! The brief euphoria I experienced when I first became aware of the item is gone. The rush I would have gotten from finding what I wanted would have dissipated in time, and I would have discarded it or left it unused.

How much time, money, and effort have we wasted searching for something that leaves us unsatisfied, looking for the next advertisement or sale to catch our fancy?

Goals not glitter!

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