Current events: California Senator Dianne Feinstein: senile!

Senator Feinstein should have resigned long ago! Now, her health has reached the point that she no longer has control of her faculties and forgets where she is. She should have “gone out on top” when she still had her right mind. Now it’s too late! Her desire to hang onto power too long meant that the people of California were deprived of representation for years. Unelected staffers made policy decisions in her place! And Feinstein was third in line of succession to the Presidency (although she gave that up voluntarily, see article). Those staffers should have put their country ahead of their jobs and suggested that legal proceedings begin to gently remove the Senator from her seat. She could have lived in comfortable retirement. Now, her final legacy will be one of shame.

“Multiple sources tell Rolling Stone that in recent years Feinstein’s office had an on-call system — unbeknownst to Feinstein herself — to prevent the senator from ever walking around the Capitol on her own. At any given moment there was a staff member ready to jump up and stroll alongside the senator if she left her office, worried about what she’d say to reporters if left unsupervised. The system has been in place for years.”

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