Man Facing Criminal Charges From Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol Riot Flees To Belarus

Evan Neumann reportedly has applied for asylum in the authoritarian country.

“A man wanted by the FBI for his involvement in the violent Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has fled the country and is seeking asylum in Belarus, the country’s state-run media reported over the weekend.”

“Evan Neumann faces six charges in U.S. District Court for his conduct on Jan. 6, including assaulting a police officer and engaging in physical violence in a restricted area.”

..there is documentation to support the charges. The criminal complaint includes bodycam footage of Neumann attempting to break through the outer barricades around the Capitol on Jan. 6, at one point reaching over the metal barrier to punch an officer with a balled fist”

I agree with Neumann’s decision. Those who hate America, like the alleged January 6 rioters / terrorists, SHOULD depart the United States never to return! They’ll soon see how good they had it in America.

Microsoft moves to annual updates of Windows.

Darn, now I’ll only be able to look forward to upgrades once a year not twice! LOL.

“Microsoft is shifting to an annual release cycle for Windows 10, which will be supported through 2025.”

“Windows 11 is on a similar annual schedule.”

“Windows remains critical to Microsoft’s business, contributing about 13% of revenue.”

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: “If we are going to have one nation under God — which we must — we have to have one religion,” Flynn said in San Antonio at a stop for the far-right “ReAwaken America” tour. “One nation under God, and one religion under God.”

How is the American Right Wing any different from the Taliban?

“Flynn — who was pardoned early this year by Trump after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI — has made several jaw-dropping comments in the past.

“In May he called for a Myanmar-like deadly military coup in America.

“In July, when he was gifted a new AR-15-style rifle at a church, he said: ‘Maybe I’ll find somebody in Washington.’”

FBI hacked!

“By Rachel Pannett
Today at 4:12 a.m. EST

“Hackers compromised the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s external email system on Saturday [November 13, 2021], sending spam emails to potentially thousands of people and companies with a faked warning of a cyberattack.”

Beware of any email that seems suspicious!

Some signs of potentially harmful emails:

An Unfamiliar Tone or Greeting.
Grammar and Spelling Errors.
Inconsistencies in Email Addresses, Links & Domain Names.
Threats or a Sense of Urgency.
Suspicious Attachments.

If in doubt do not click on a link or download an attachment!

Biden’s infrastructure bill to become official on Monday, November 15, 2021. Here’s what’s in it for you

Faster internet across America: $65 billion

New and repaired roads, highways and bridges: $110 billion

Electric vehicle investment, including a national network of charging stations: $15 billion

Safer, more modern airports: $25 billion

Water safety: $55 billion

Upgrade power grid: $73 billion

Expand public transit: $39 billion

Kudos to the Biden Administration for supporting these valuable projects! This is how tax money should be spent! Certain members of Congress and the Senate opposed it only because the bill didn’t prioritize tax cuts to millionaires!

Mail those Christmas cards early! Post Office is slow in delivering mail!

“…the postal service is already missing its delivery standards: In October, a month when mail volume is typically lighter than the holiday season, 91% of mail was delivered on time — lower than its goal of delivering 95% on time. And those missed standards already represent the USPS’ new lower delivery guidelines, which went into effect in October and slowed delivery for 4 out of 10 pieces of mail.

“‘I would take whatever the standards are for what you are mailing — it’s now 5 business days coast-to-coast — and I’d add two days onto it,’ said Steidler [Paul Steidler, senior fellow at the Lexington Institute and an expert on the postal service]. ‘It’s important to know that, not only for the holidays but for end-of-year bills.'”

According to the article, the United States Postal Service is switching its priorities from letters to packages, since that is a growing business. Fewer people rely on USPS for letter delivery, since much of that business is now carried out online. Will the day come when the Post Office stops delivering letters completely?

Don’t ask a doctor how to throw a football!

“[Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron] Rodgers has tested positive for COVID and reportedly doesn’t meet the NFL and the Players Association’s standards for being ‘fully vaccinated’ either, despite misleading statements that he was, reports USA Today.

“In August, when asked whether he had been vaccinated, Rodgers responded, ‘Yes, I’ve been immunized.’ According to, Rodgers had petitioned the NFL to recognize a homeopathic treatment he’d received from his personal doctor to ‘raise his antibody levels'”.

People, please don’t trust athletes or actors for medical advice! Ask your physician! Ask a trained doctor!

All Saints Day

Yesterday was All Hallows Eve so today is All Hallows Day! All you “saints” out there, enjoy your day!

“All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day,[3] the Feast of All Saints,[4][5] the Feast of All Hallows,[6] the Solemnity of All Saints,[6] and Hallowmas,[6][7] is a Christian solemnity celebrated in honour of all the saints of the church, whether they are known or unknown.[7][8][9]”

Halloween: A Poem

by Michael Sercanto

It’s Halloween and all around
Goblins are rising from the ground.
Ghosts are flying through the air
And if you see one you’ll get a scare!
Vampires rise up from their coffins
And at your door may come a-knockin’
All your blood to drain away
And you won’t see the coming day!
Bats can get into your hair
In haunted graveyards, so beware!
Witches on their brooms will ride
Casting spells both far and wide.
So hurry home and lock your door
And open not until the morn.
Caught unaware and you will see
That on this night is Halloween.

(C) 2021 Michael Sercanto

Fundamentalist Mormon sect allegedly used children as slave laborers.

“A federal judge in Utah ordered the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and two of its affiliates to pay nearly $1 million for allegedly violating child labor laws when they employed minors on a ranch without paying them for years.”

“FLDS is a religious sect that broke away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, over the practice of polygamy.”

Be wary of religious organizations that try to take away your critical thinking skills and your rights and dignity as human beings.