Current events: The E. Jean Carroll Case

Had I been a juror on E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against Donald Trump, I am not sure I would have voted to find him liable.

Carroll could not specify the year of the alleged assault. She had no physical evidence. She had no witnesses to the incident, only two friends she told after the fact. It is frankly suspicious that she waited until now, when Trump is running for a second term as President, that she stepped forward to bring the suit.

Also suspicious is her 2019 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which she stated that most people find rape “sexy”! (See link below.) Is Donald Trump capable of sexual assault and defamation of character? Without question! Has he behaved in a similar manner in the past? Yes. Did he do so to E. Jean Carroll? Probably. But “knowing” what happened is not the same as proving it in court. The jury took only three hours to find him liable, which tells me that they pretty much had their minds made up before they started to deliberate.

I am not alleging that the jury failed to act in good faith, nor am I alleging that Ms. Carroll lied. But I do believe the prosecution failed to prove its case based on a preponderance of evidence.