America Passed the Test! Trump and the Presidency

<start Allegations>

The New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against Donald Trump and his adult children September 2022 should come as no surprise. This could mean the corporate “death penalty” for the Trump family (banned from doing business in the state) but he should have taken warning.

Donald Trump has been a con man all his life. This is how he’s made his way through the world. People in New York and around the country were aware of this but winked at it for years. But then he was elected President; then his life was thrust into a brighter spotlight and subjected to more scrutiny than ever before. Becoming President was the best thing that ever happened to him — and the worst. He was a loose cannon in the White House, not hewing to the GOP party line, doing things that upset the leadership but advanced his fame and wealth. Even then, he could have left office in 2021, returned to his life in New York City, and continued his lucrative con games.

Usually when a President departs the White House, he steps out of the limelight, writes books, gives lectures, and lets the new President have the power and attention he deserves. The two parties prepare for the midterms and look ahead to the next Presidential election in four years. Both parties do this. Trump was different. He knows he lost the 2020 election, but some of his supporters are stupid enough to believe he won! Trump was aware of this and chose to use it to keep himself forward in the news. The people and the press were constantly talking about him. Perhaps he believed he could use it as a springboard for a run in 2024. He felt it would help him but failed to realize that he lost the support of the Republican Party leaders. They want Trump to shut up and go away. They want Ron DeSantis to be in the spotlight to prepare for the race in 2024. But due to Trump’s popularity with the right wing of the GOP, DeSantis is forced to take a back seat, outshone by the intense spotlight on Donald Trump.

The party leadership wants to bar Trump from running for President again, not to put him in jail. This is why the legal process against him is having such success. The Democrats are expected to attack him. He has no powerful friends left in the Republican Party; however loud their public protests about the supposedly stolen 2020 election or the illegality of the raid on Mar-a-Lago, privately they want Trump out. They want the political machine to function the way it used to. Now that he has been in the White House for four years, people know what he’s like. Whatever else may be said about him, Donald Trump will mobilize Democrats to vote. If he runs for President in 2024, he will lose. DeSantis might win a matchup with Joe Biden. Trump will not.

The Trump fiasco has been a stress test on the American political system and way of life. I am pleased to see that America passed the test! The Republic still holds! But watch for big changes in the way electoral votes are counted in state capitals, certified by the Senate, and the way Presidents leave office and what they do afterward. New legal safeguards will be put in place to prevent another January 6 style riot / interrupt the peaceful transition of power.

The system works when people care enough to take an active part in it and most importantly, vote!

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