Grateful for health

My heart is full of gratitude today as I realize I am (almost) recovered from a long foot ailment! It began in November 2018 and has plagued me the past 3 1/2 years, making walking very painful. It was difficult to walk more than a short distance before having to sit and rest my right foot. I’d been to a podiatrist, an acupuncturist, a physical therapist. I’d tried compression socks, heel inserts, cortisone injections. Finally, about a month ago, I began to be able to walk without excruciating pain! I still feel some discomfort when I walk very far, but nothing like before. The world seems opened to me again. I think time itself has done the most good.

Be thankful for good health and be proactive to maintain it!

The era of surprise medical bills may be ending (CNBC)

“The No Surprises Act, which takes effect in 2022, will greatly reduce the number of unanticipated out-of-network medical bills that many people are hit with during emergency medical treatment.”

“Starting in 2022, there will be only a few cases in which a patient can get an out-of-network bill for a medical visit that they believed was covered by their insurer. (Those exceptions include ground ambulances, any non-emergency service treatments at an urgent care facility and if you’ve given informed and written consent for an uncovered treatment.)”

“Some insurers offer partial out-of-network coverage, but leave the person on the hook for the remaining tab, a practice called balance billing. Other insurers force patients to shoulder the entire uncovered costs.”

“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is working to create a complaint process for violations of the law, and [a spokeswoman for the Patient Advocate Foundation] said it will be crucial that patients speak up if they suspect they’ve been balance billed.”