God Save the King!

May 6, 2023: As I watched the crown being places upon the head of Camilla, Queen Consort, it occurred to me that Diana should have been the one so honored. Her tragic death in 1997 made that impossible. Of course, Charles and Camilla loved each other before Diana came into the picture and had an ongoing affair right through his marriage to Diana. Camilla was Charles’ true love. He should have been allowed to marry Camilla at the first, without involving Diana. But in those days the bride of the heir to the throne had to be a virgin, and as he approached age 30 that priority became more and more urgent. So he married Diana. She became a pawn in the Windor family’s plan to produce an heir. Had Charles been allowed to marry the woman he loved, Diana would have retained her status as a noble (Lady Diana Spencer), and although largely unknown to the world, probably still be alive today.