Why, Fox, why? Alleged hostility at Fox News

Fox News’ former head of booking, Abby Grossberg, filed a suit in March 2023 claiming the company fostered a hostile work environment.


“She was fired by Fox News [in March 2023] after filing suit against the company, claiming she was bullied and subjected to sexist and antisemitic comments while working on Carlson’s show.”

“According to Grossberg, she arrived at the office to see ‘many large and blown-up photographs of Nancy Pelosi in a plunging bathing suit revealing her cleavage.’”

“Grossberg claimed she overheard male executives make sexist and belittling comments about [Maria] Bartiromo. (Among the terms allegedly used to describe the veteran financial news anchor: ‘crazy,’ ‘menopausal,’ ‘hysterical’ and a ‘diva.’)”

“Moreover, staff members ‘frequently engaged in group discussion … in which misogynistic views of women as objects to be judged solely based on their appearance were broadcasted,’ the suit alleges.”

Are Grossberg’s allegations true? I have no way of knowing. But if they are, I am amazed that Fox would allow such behavior. I question the profitability, let alone the morality, of permitting a toxic workplace. The purpose of a for-profit company is making money, and that ability is impaired if employees are in a constant state of apprehension or discomfort due to sexual innuendo and remarks. And Fox’s stock price has gone down since March (though whether that is due to the lawsuit is not certain). If I were an investor, I wouldn’t buy Fox. Their management does not have their eye on the goal.

Current events: The E. Jean Carroll Case

Had I been a juror on E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against Donald Trump, I am not sure I would have voted to find him liable.

Carroll could not specify the year of the alleged assault. She had no physical evidence. She had no witnesses to the incident, only two friends she told after the fact. It is frankly suspicious that she waited until now, when Trump is running for a second term as President, that she stepped forward to bring the suit.

Also suspicious is her 2019 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which she stated that most people find rape “sexy”! (See link below.) Is Donald Trump capable of sexual assault and defamation of character? Without question! Has he behaved in a similar manner in the past? Yes. Did he do so to E. Jean Carroll? Probably. But “knowing” what happened is not the same as proving it in court. The jury took only three hours to find him liable, which tells me that they pretty much had their minds made up before they started to deliberate.

I am not alleging that the jury failed to act in good faith, nor am I alleging that Ms. Carroll lied. But I do believe the prosecution failed to prove its case based on a preponderance of evidence.