Georgia DA to likely announce Trump indictment decision in August

August 2023 will be a time of reckoning in the United States — but potentially a time of great danger!

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis may act to hold former President Donald Trump responsible for his alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot!

From the article, “Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told staff to work remotely from July 31 to Aug. 18 and has requested judges in a downtown Atlanta courthouse to not schedule trials between Aug. 7 and 14….”

“…Trump, 76, and some members of his 2020 election team could face indictments for conspiracy to commit election fraud or charges related to racketeering in plotting to undermine the 2020 presidential-race results.”

“…Willis, 52, told Atlanta-based law-enforcement agencies in a letter last month to prepare for ‘significant public reaction’ to a potential charging decision between July 11 and Sept. 1.”

The district attorney is preparing for possible violent actions by MAGA extremists in response if an indictment is handed down against Trump! Will the former President’s minions lash out against the prosecutor’s office in Atlanta? I hope and pray not — but the city must be prepared.

I applaud these brave prosecutors and employees for holding alleged criminals accountable, no matter their party or political persuasion! Of course, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Go Fani!

America Passed the Test! Trump and the Presidency

<start Allegations>

The New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against Donald Trump and his adult children September 2022 should come as no surprise. This could mean the corporate “death penalty” for the Trump family (banned from doing business in the state) but he should have taken warning.

Donald Trump has been a con man all his life. This is how he’s made his way through the world. People in New York and around the country were aware of this but winked at it for years. But then he was elected President; then his life was thrust into a brighter spotlight and subjected to more scrutiny than ever before. Becoming President was the best thing that ever happened to him — and the worst. He was a loose cannon in the White House, not hewing to the GOP party line, doing things that upset the leadership but advanced his fame and wealth. Even then, he could have left office in 2021, returned to his life in New York City, and continued his lucrative con games.

Usually when a President departs the White House, he steps out of the limelight, writes books, gives lectures, and lets the new President have the power and attention he deserves. The two parties prepare for the midterms and look ahead to the next Presidential election in four years. Both parties do this. Trump was different. He knows he lost the 2020 election, but some of his supporters are stupid enough to believe he won! Trump was aware of this and chose to use it to keep himself forward in the news. The people and the press were constantly talking about him. Perhaps he believed he could use it as a springboard for a run in 2024. He felt it would help him but failed to realize that he lost the support of the Republican Party leaders. They want Trump to shut up and go away. They want Ron DeSantis to be in the spotlight to prepare for the race in 2024. But due to Trump’s popularity with the right wing of the GOP, DeSantis is forced to take a back seat, outshone by the intense spotlight on Donald Trump.

The party leadership wants to bar Trump from running for President again, not to put him in jail. This is why the legal process against him is having such success. The Democrats are expected to attack him. He has no powerful friends left in the Republican Party; however loud their public protests about the supposedly stolen 2020 election or the illegality of the raid on Mar-a-Lago, privately they want Trump out. They want the political machine to function the way it used to. Now that he has been in the White House for four years, people know what he’s like. Whatever else may be said about him, Donald Trump will mobilize Democrats to vote. If he runs for President in 2024, he will lose. DeSantis might win a matchup with Joe Biden. Trump will not.

The Trump fiasco has been a stress test on the American political system and way of life. I am pleased to see that America passed the test! The Republic still holds! But watch for big changes in the way electoral votes are counted in state capitals, certified by the Senate, and the way Presidents leave office and what they do afterward. New legal safeguards will be put in place to prevent another January 6 style riot / interrupt the peaceful transition of power.

The system works when people care enough to take an active part in it and most importantly, vote!

</end allegations>

August 8, 2022: Mar a Lago the subject of FBI search warrant!

The former President attacked the FBI for their actions, but they had a search warrant. This is a pivotal moment for the country: Will America be governed by the Constitution or the whims of one man? Trump plays victim in order to rouse his base, perhaps as a prelude to a run for the Presidency in 2024. And his minions follow him without question!

“Sources said Monday was not the first time that federal agents visited Trump’s Florida home. In the spring, according to these sources, a small team of agents went to Mar-a-Lago inquiring about the documents he took with him. The agents went through and reviewed some documents with Trump’s attorneys present; Trump himself was also present.”

What is Trump worried about now? What does he have to hide that he wasn’t worried about in the spring? He claims the raid was politically motivated (everything in Washington has a backdrop of politics) but the Bureau was able to convince a judge they had enough evidence to justify a search for criminal activity!

Trump’s new “truth” social media site

Former President Donald Trump has announced a new social media platform, named “Truth”. Will you join it? I believe it is doomed to fail. Trump destroys everything he touches and everything he does has two aims: keeping his name in the news and making money for himself!

I am surprised that while Trump was President he didn’t establish a “Ministry of Truth”(see the novel “1984” by George Orwell).


I don’t believe Trump will ever be prosecuted for his alleged crimes while President. If that were to happen, other former Presidents would also be vulnerable to investigation: the alleged lies George W. Bush told about weapons of mass destruction to get the USA into war with Iraq; Bill Clinton’s alleged association with the late Jeffrey Epstein and their trips to “pedophile island.” Both parties have skeletons in their closets. If it can happen to one former President, it can happen to others. Trump’s associates will suffer the consequences of their allegiance to him; his organizations and companies may fall. But Trump himself will get off scot free.

Keep Social Security safe for future generations.

President Biden fires SSA commissioner hostile to retirees and other recipients!

“Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, released this statement: ‘Today is a great day for every current and future Social Security beneficiary. Andrew Saul and David Black were appointed by former President Donald Trump to undermine Social Security. They’ve done their very best to carry out that despicable mission. That includes waging a war on people with disabilities, demoralizing the agency’s workforce, and delaying President Biden’s stimulus checks.'”

Good riddance!

If anyone knows perfect hair, it’s Donald Trump!

I knew Trump was all wet!

“The Biden administration is reversing a Trump-era rule approved after the former president complained he wasn’t getting wet enough because of limits on water flow from showerheads.”

“The change will ensure that consumers continue to save money while reducing water use and paying lower energy bills, the Energy Department said. Officials estimated that the Obama-era rule saved households about $38 a year, and the Energy Department expects similar savings by reverting to the 2013 standard.”

“‘So showerheads — you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out. You want to wash your hands, the water doesn’t come out,’″ Trump said at the White House last year. ‘So what do you do? You just stand there longer or you take a shower longer? Because my hair — I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect.’”

Would Trump have dared to stage a coup after the 2020 election?

New book by two Washington Post reporters alleges, Yes!

“Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and others were concerned that Trump or his allies would stage a coup in an attempt to have him stay in power, according to Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker’s new book, ‘I Alone Can Fix It,’…”

“‘Milley told his staff that he believed Trump was stoking unrest, possibly in hopes of an excuse to invoke the Insurrection Act and call out the military,’ according to the book.”

“According to CNN, the book reports that Milley and other Joint Chiefs were considering resigning one at a time to avoid carrying out the orders of the former president, which they worried might be dangerous or illegal.”

I am so glad Donald Trump is out of power and unable to allegedly attempt to seize control of the government. It’s something worthy of a third-world dictator, not the leader of the free world! The United States must retain the Constitution as its ultimate authority, not the whims of one person. But what if Trump wins back the White House in 2024? Or the next time an unstable person occupies the Oval Office? New safeguards need to be put in place, and perhaps new legislation enacted, to prevent a future loose cannon from attempting to wrest power from the people and their elected representatives.

MyPillow CEO predicts Trump will return to White House August 13, 2021

“Lindell’s promise that Trump will return to the White House may be catnip to people who can’t believe an unpopular president would lose an election, but it has no basis in reality.”

“The department has ‘no evidence’ of a threat associated with the supposed date of Trump’s return to office, but historically some domestic violent extremists ‘have conducted violence in furtherance of conspiracy theories,’ the bulletin said.”

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell alleges that Trump will be swept back into power Friday, August 13. Whether Lindell really believes this or not, his remarks could inspire violence in diehard supporters of the former President, which is what makes these conspiracy theories so dangerous. We saw what they are capable of during the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol. Understand: Biden is the President and will remain President after August 13. There is no mechanism to remove Joe Biden from power, and anyone who believes so is living in a dream world fueled by ignorance and wishful thinking. Renounce all violence aimed at achieving political goals!

Trump Corp Indicted for tax fraud!

Trump destroys everything he touches! The only thing he’s been involved with that he didn’t obliterate is the United States itself! The American Spirit withstood Trump’s worst! Still, I don’t believe Donald himself will be indicted or convicted. If one former President can be made to face justice, so can others for their alleged crimes. He may prove to be the “Teflon Don” of the 21st century, but his associates won’t be so lucky!

“Charges of larceny, tax fraud and other crimes come at inconvenient time for the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. Company attorneys say New York prosecutors politically hostile to Trump are chasing trivial matters no other prosecutor would bother with. Yet the details of the indictment reveal wealthy executives padding their bank accounts by exploiting privileges ordinary workers can only dream of. It’s exhibit 999 or maybe 1,001 in the recent parade of evidence showing how tilted the U.S. tax system is in favor of the rich.”