Poll: Voters trust ABC, CNN most, Fox News least among mainstream news outlets (The Hill)


“Voters say they generally trust ABC news, and CNN the most and distrust Fox News Channel the most among mainstream news outlets, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

“Forty-five percent of registered voters in the Oct. 18-19 survey said they generally trust ABC News while 44 percent said they trust CNN.

“Forty percent of respondents said they distrust Fox News followed by CNN and MSNBC, at 35 percent each.”

For me: Do I trust CNN?: no; MSNBC?: no; Fox?: no; ABC, CBS, NBC?: yes

I want news channels to report the news without editorializing, political bias, or spin, unless their remarks are clearly marked “opinion”. Some so-called news outlets filter their reporting through a rightwing or leftwing lens, and block information that doesn’t fit their agenda. That is not helpful, and I change the channel when I encounter it.

What channel(s) do you trust or distrust the most?

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